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Lawn Care & Management at Northern Specific Landscaping

Nothing looks better than beautiful green lawns and landscaping. Unfortunately, thanks to the dry heat of most summers in Northern California, maintaining your green lawn through the seasons is no easy achievement in Mendocino County. Proper irrigation is the key to keeping your grounds beautiful and green year-round. Before the first dog days of summer set in, give Northern Specific Landscaping a call to schedule a complete checkup of your sprinkler system. Don’t let the heat catch you—and your green lawn—off guard!


Irrigation Inspections & Checks

We check your system for:


  • Leaks

  • Missing sprinkler heads

  • Broken sprinkler heads

  • Clogs in your drip emitters

  • Incorrect programming


These types of routine problems aren’t unusual by any means, but they will result in wasted water and unhappy plants. Our team will come out to your property and complete our detailed inspection and preparation process to ensure that your irrigation system is ready for summer. We conduct detailed inspections and provide repair and maintenance services in order to keep your water system working at peak capacity, avoiding any wasted water and ensuring that your plants are happy and green and your water system is being properly utilized.


Call Our Ukiah Lawn Care Experts

With Northern Specific as your landscaper of choice, the grass is greener on your side of the fence! Our team is experienced, prepared, and dedicated to safety and best practices. We are a locally owned and operated business with deep roots in Mendocino County. You can trust our team of Ukiah lawn care and irrigation experts with the management and keeping of your property in every season.


For a free quote or to set up an appointment with our Ukiah landscapers at Northern Specific Landscaping, call us today at (707) 671-2890!

Irrigation & Lawn Care in Ukiah

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